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Sh. R.N.Manchanda memorial e- homoeopathic clinic & iris analysis centre works with a mission- health is nothing but absence of dis-ease, so we continuously provide our services for health by removing obstacles resulting in dis-ease. Diagnosing a disease through blood and modern techniques helped people understand their current health status, but has never been sufficient enough to understand underlying pathology, their nutritional requirements, their constitution—iridology helped by providing answers to these very important questions.

Sh.R.N.Manchanda memorial e-homoeopathic clinic is helping mankind by providing medicines extracted from vegetable kingdom. As the medicines are free of alcohol, free of alloys they are quiet acceptable for humans. Sh. R.n.manchanda e-homoeopathic clinic is helping mankind since 2004 and is continuing with its services with ongoing advancements in field of medicines & managements. Sh. R.N.Manchanda e-homoeopathic clinic is helping mankind since 2004 and is continuing with its services with ongoing advancements in field of medicines & managements. With the advancement in time we included iridology into our services, to help people understand their health better. Iridology helped people understand their constitution and underlying reason for the dis-ease. On top of it they were not supposed to undergo any sort of needling or radiation.


One may be surprised to learn that the idea of iridology , if not its practice, is nearly 3,000 years old, possibly even older. Charka Samhita is the base for all medicines i.e. Ayurveda. We have separate chapters in Ayurveda to distinguish between diagnosis, etiology & mode of treatment. Here we have pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, urine diagnosis, and stool diagnosis, voice diagnosis & last but not the least eye diagnosis. Although ancient Asian medicines used the eye as a form of diagnosis it is rarely mentioned that the iris is used exclusively as the only means of illness detection. The oldest written record is from the Charka Samhita.

“IF ANY DISTORTION IN COLOUR OR SHAPE BE IT SUBTLE OR DEFINITE IS SEEN, REFLECTED IN THE SHADOW OF THE IRIS (EYE) A SKILLED PHYSICIAN SHOULD TREAT THAT PATIENT WITH CARE, FOR THOSE SIGNS CAN PORTENT OF COMING ILLNESS OR MORIBUND CONDITIONS.” --CHARAKA SAMHITA CHAPTER VII Links are also seen from BIBLE. Consider the verse in the sixth chapter of book of st. Matthew, in verse twenty-two. We read, “the light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” The old English of the King James Version can be modernized to read, “the light of the body is the eye: so if your eye is pure, your whole body shall be full of light.” Using iridology, we can see how the “purity” or “integrity” of the iris reflects the condition of tissues everywhere in the body. Studying the eye to discover health is not a new idea. In Luke 11:33 (remember that Luke was the physician in the bible), Jesus says, “your eye is the lamp of your body; when your eye is sound, your whole body is full of light: but when it is not sound, your body is full of darkness.”

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Dr Priti Manchanda (Ir) is an iridologist who is an electrohomoeoath physician as well. She is practicing in electrohomeopathy since more than 20 years, she is well-known for her knowledge in iridology. She is an overseas member of guild of naturopathic iridologists (G.N.I.). The Guild is the leading professional body for qualified iridologists in U.K She is well known for her knowledge in other fields of alternative system of medicines like acupressure, yoga & nutrition.

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